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How does this whole thing work?

On the day of your event, we have your amazing picnic all set up and waiting for you and your guests.


We wait until you arrive, once you do, we leave you to enjoy your event.


We return at the end of your event to pack and clean everything up for you...

making it an effortless party for you!

What if I am late for my own event?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are late.

We ask that you respect our time and yours and arrived on time.

Being late can affect other bookings and the freshness of the food.

At an hour we have the right to pack up the picnic with no refund.

What if the weather is bad?

Unfortunately,  we can't control the weather, so we do offer a few different options if the weather is bad.


You have the option for a full refund, rescheduling within 30 days of your scheduled event or moving your event to an indoor location of your choice.

What about spills or broken items?

Small spills will not incur a fee.


However, you may be billed for costs of replacement items if stained badly or have to be brought to the dry cleaners.


All broken items will need to be paid for.

Can I bring my own food or drinks?

Absolutely! We provide two lower nesting tables for any additional food or drinks that you would like to bring. 


Tables can also be used for cakes, deserts or gifts as well.

Is alcohol provided?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide alcohol due to San Diego's strict liquor licensing.

Can I leave my event at any time?

We kindly ask you to stay until your  duration of time is up.

You will be responsible for all items until we return to clean up.

If you would like to leave early, please feel free to call us 30 minutes prior to let us know.

What is the deposit and payment policy?

50% of event needs to be paid as a deposit to hold your event day and time


Full payment is due 3 days prior to event.


You may also choose to pay for your event in full when booking.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation’s need be made 72 hours from event to receive a full deposit refund.


If cancellation is made within 72 hours of event the deposit is not refundable.

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